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We are inviting our amazing diverse members to be featured in our new Business Blog Spotlight Series which will be featured ongoing 2023 here on our KBN Website along with our social media platforms! 

Please take the time to showcase your business and fill in this form so we can share our amazing members with our online community in Kerry and Nationwide!

Here are some reasons to take the time to showcase your business!

Increased visibility: Your business will be featured in our Business Blog Spotlight Series, gaining exposure to our online community, including our KBN Website and social media platforms. (We will be showcasing our members once a month via IG, Facebook & LinkedIn. )

Networking opportunities: Showcasing your business through the spotlight series allows you to connect with other members of the Kerry Businesswomen’s Network and potentially collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Professional Development: Participating in the spotlight series allows you to refine your business story and pitch, providing valuable practice in articulating your value proposition to a wider audience.

Access to a wider audience: Our KBN Website and social media platforms attract a diverse audience, giving you the opportunity to reach potential customers, clients, and partners who may have otherwise been unaware of your business.

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