We help women build businesses, shape ideas and collapse stereotypes

Inspiring. Sharing. Guiding. Encouraging, supporting and – well, just FASCINATING actually!  Women doing amazing things, the everyday and the big extraordinary stuff.

Women who might be starting off small … those who are leading their own quiet revolution, as well as those who are hungry to live bigger lives and change the way we think about the world.

Women who are building businesses, shaping ideas, raising children and collapsing stereotypes.

Women who want it for themselves – and for each other –and know that by connecting, collaborating and communicating we can kick a whole lot of world into shape!

Women like you, and me. This is what the Kerry Business Women’s Network is all about.

Because by yourself you’re something pretty special. But together we can really make things happen. So let’s talk…..

THE BACKCHAT (what’s behind KBN?)

We all know the reality. The pale-male dominated executive board rooms. The pay lag you never get over because you ‘took time off to have a family’. The Me Too generation.
But the challenges women in business face aren’t just the big, heavy political issues. They’re the everyday ‘smaller’ stuff too:

The guy who takes time off work to see his son’s school play and is called ‘sweet’, but a woman does it and she’s ‘not taking the job seriously’.

The female exec who’s ‘bossy’, but her male counterpart is ‘assertive’.

And the ‘working half day?’ wise crack you get when you leave work on time to fetch your youngster from child care.      

Your everyday working life is full of this kind of narrative. Which is why at KBN we’re all about transformation through changing the story. Switching the conversation. Our members are dedicated to replacing tired rhetoric with stories of victories. Women sharing their authentic experiences of how they’re winning out – and inspiring others to do the same. Women connecting and working together to move ahead and claim bolder lives.
kerry women can, ciara O'donnell pic

KBN is dedicated to telling new and braver stories…

…by helping women play a bigger, better and more fulfilling role in their businesses and in society. Whether you’re an entrepreneur carving out your place in business, a corporate player on the fast-track, a women keen to get back into business after a career break or simply someone who sometimes feels you’re missing a connection somewhere – you’ll find your place with us.
Your KBN could be hearing from another member how they overcame a particular business challenge. It could be that incredible feeling of ‘I can do this’ you get, when you share the experiences of a world-class speaker. Perhaps you’ll find it in a new set of skills you get under your belt, through a focused workshop. Or it might simply come from talking with other members and realising you’re not on your own – because we get it!

Meet the Team!

elin sorensen

Elin Sorensen

Founder of GHQ Brand Consultancy

Ciara O'Donnell

Ciara O’Donnell

KBN Chairperson & Founder – Ciara O’Donnell Photography

Alexandra bozic

Alexandra Bozic

We’ve put on some incredible events!

We’ve had speakers like Eva Schloss, Pauline McGlynn, Rosemary Smith, Erika Fox, Tammy Darcy, Daniel E Craig, Deirdre Bounds, Rosemary Heard, Karen O’Reilly, Louise McDonnell and Joanne O’Riordan.

The KBN team is working hard to secure the next speaker to add to that list of inspiring thought leaders who’ve shared a stage with KBN.


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