Inspiring. Sharing. Guiding. Encouraging, supporting and – well, just FASCINATING actually!  Women doing amazing things, the everyday and the big extraordinary stuff. Women who might be starting off small … those who are leading their own quiet revolution, as well as those who are hungry to live bigger lives and change the way we think about the world.

Women who are building businesses, shaping ideas, raising children and collapsing stereotypes. Women who want it for themselves – and for each other –and know that by connecting, collaborating and communicating we can kick a whole lot of world into shape!

Women like you, and me. This is what the Kerry Business Women’s Network is all about. Because by yourself you’re something pretty special. But together we can really make things happen. So let’s talk.


Formally speaking, our organisation is defined as an ‘inter-trade and advertising platform, designed to help you grow and expand your business.’  The truth is a lot more exciting and immediate than that:  we’re a community of people who believe in the powerful voice of women in business – who want to help ourselves, and each other, reach our goals and be the best we can be.   

Membership of the KBN works for us all in so many ways.

  • Free listing on our website’s member business database. Basically,  members get to know about you, and you hear about them.
  • This is an unlimited opportunity to promote yourself and your company to other members –  in person, online and in print.  The kind of promotion that opens new business doors, nurtures new relationships and grows your revenue.
  • You couldn’t buy greater or more targeted advertising and promotional opportunities.
  • The network’s strong social media presence is a gift when it comes to growing your PR profile.
  • You get free or highly-subsidised entry to a wealth of workshops, seminars, events and functions.
Contact us if you have any questions or would like more info